It’s 830 on a Sunday morning and darpan has put his 830 alarm to snooze, he set alarm every night in the hope that he will wake up by the alarm but fail every morning. He wakes up at 1030 but endures to get off his bed, he starts to browse his phone in his bed itself. He browses for tasty food, cooking shows on Youtube and water his mouth, and when he gets off his bed, he finds his Bhabhi to make something that he has just searched on youtube.

Even before going for the bathroom to get fresh, he goes to the kitchen and searches for his Bhabhi to get him chai. He is very particular about his chai, he is precise about making chai, every ingredient needed to be measured with utmost precision to get perfect chai. He always in search of the perfect recipe of chai, but never takes the pain of making the chai himself. According to him the only person who has perfected the art of making chai is his Bhabhi. He asks with utmost desperation to his mother.

“Where is Bhabhi?”

“You want chai,” says darpan’s mother ask in a taunting manner.

Darpan got it that the only person who can get him his perfectly cooked chai is not at home.

“Where is she?” ask darpan, as if a person needs to use the loo and he hasn’t pee for hours.

“You won’t get your chai, make it yourself,” says his mother teasing him.

Now there is only one way to find her. Darpan sneaks his hand into his pocket and pulls out his phone, dial his Bhabhi.


“Hello, good morning Bhabhi, where are you” inquire darpan with all sincerity in him.

“Seems like you have not got your morning chai!” says his Bhabhi, teasing him.

“I need chai, my whole day will be devastated without it,” says darpan with a cow-like face.

“I am at terries hanging clothes to dry, why can’t you wake up at 830,” says Bhabhi.

“From tomorrow I will, for now just come down and make me some chai” requested darpan.

“Coming,” says Bhabhi, after losing the conversation to darpan.

Darpan gets a breath of relief, in such joyful moments a voice Pearce his ears.

“Who is going to make chai for you, if you wake up 10 o clock, such a useless slacker?” says darpan’s father while reading the newspaper.

His Taunting is also one of those things without which his day does not start.

Suchitra Yadav wife of veeraj Yadav elder bahu of Yadav family and Bhabhi of darpan Yadav. She is a graduate but in contrast, becomes a housewife instead. Suchitra is a perfect example of bahu and wife material for those parents who are desperately looking for a bride for their son in every possible way.

Suchitra is like Besan in pakodas, thread in a garland, and cement in a building. She is a binding agent in the family. Suchitra knows every minute requirement of each member of the family and she makes sure that those things are available even before anybody needs it. She is the entire cabinet in the Yadav government.

Suchitra is 5’6 in height, love of Veeraj Yadav. It was a love marriage but wasn’t less than a arrange marriage either. Her face reverberates positivity that made veeraj parents accept her at first glance. Veeraj got married when darpan was 21. It doesn’t take long for darpan to have a very strong bond with his Bhabhi, He had only one condition that she will make him perfect chai every morning and evening.

In conclusion, Darpan finally got his perfect chai consequently convince his Bhabhi to prepare a breakfast recipe which he had watched on youtube this morning.

Darpan gets a call from his friend vikrant asking him out as they were getting out for fun. He asked him to wait for half on the hour so he could take a quick bath in conclusion vikrant agreed after a losing argument on darpan’s laziness.

Darpan and vikrant were accompanied by two more friends Mukul and Anil, they went for a famous restaurant called “Thadi” which is conceptualized in a small chai stall like in every corner of the street in India, and decorated beautifully with the theme of a small chai stall called Thadi, they were regular customers of the Thadi. Everyone dictate the order at the counter and take their usual corner.

“One lemon soda” ordered Mukul.

“One orange Juice” ordered Vikrant.

“One lime” Ordered Anil.

“Ek Kadak chai” ordered darpan, twinkling his left eye.

“At least order something else outside,” says Vikrant mockingly.

“They make second-best chai on this globe after my Bhabhi,” says darpan with so much pride in his eyes.

“I don’t know about Thadi but your Bhabhi makes the world best chai” add Mukul.

The Thadi was moderately crowded, Thadi is famous for its chai, so it was like heaven for darpan. Chai is served in a cup made of mud called “Khullad” exactly like in small chai stall in rural India, waiter brings a chai in a steel grid tray which have a cavity to hold kullad, which could hold six or more kullad. The restaurant was also famous for snakes like mirchi vada, payaaz kachori, jalabi, badam milk, khaman, phaphada, after all, they were in Jodhpur Rajasthan. Jodhpur itself is famous for mirchi vada and kachori.

Just then Darpan receives a call saying his Bhabhi has got a minor migraine attack, but she is alright now, she is taken to the hospital where the doctor prescribed some medicines which will soothe her in some while. Hearing this darpan rushed to his home after informing his friends.

When he reached home the first person he wants to see is his Bhabhi, he is in shock, desperately wanted to know the condition of his Bhabhi galloping from the main door towards Bhabhi’s room, entering the room he kneels and asks.

“How are you Bhabhi, how did this happen?” He wanted every minute detail and he wanted to know everything like right now.

“It was just a minor migraine attack nothing to worry, the doctor said,” says Bhabhi in a very soft and low voice.

Darpan hurriedly moved to his brother.

“What did the doctors said” startled darpan ask.

“The doctor said she had a history of migraine but it is not a thing to worry,” says veeraj in a relaxed tone.

“But we need to take care of her for two thee days,” says darpan.

“Then who will make your chai?” says Bhabhi mockingly.

“You have to get well soon for that,” still startled drapan speak.

After a few weeks, some of his friends come to darpan’s home for killing time it was around 9 in the night, they were playing FIFA on PlayStation, Mukul was watching a movie on a laptop. They kept enjoying untile 12 in the night, vikrant says.

“it’s 12 in the night we must leave now” Mukul and Anil agreed upon it and nodded.

“Wait man, we will have a cup of chai before you people leave,” says darpan with a sparkle in his eyes.

“No man it will get too late, and anyways Thadi must have been close by now,” says Anil worryingly.

“Who says we are going to Thadi, my Bhabhi will make us chai, you know my Bhabhi makes the best chai in the world, let me check if she is awake,” says darpan.

“Are you sure?” enquired vikrant.

“Yes!” says darpan.

Darpan requested his Bhabhi to make some chai for them and agreed in no time.

In 15-20 minutes the chai is ready. They all are enjoying the chai and soon after that, they all left for their home as it got 1245.

The next day darpan wake up because of some obnoxious sound, with tiny eyes which he could barely open, he looks at his phone which is showing 730 AM and he thought ‘who is this vomiting early in the morning.’

He got off his bed and found that his Bhabhi is again having very serious pain in her head, she is vomiting as if someone is contracting and stretching her intestine. She is wiping and screaming in agony.

“What happen?” perplexed darpan ask his brother.

“She again got migraine attack, she is vomiting but nothing is coming out, her stomach is in a whirlpool,” says veeraj with a perplexed face.

“Why aren’t you taking her to the hospital” inquired darpan.

“I am waiting for her to get a little normal,” says veeraj.

“No bhiya we must take her to the hospital right now,” says darpan with anger.

“Okay,” says veeraj.

Darpan’s father opens the back door of their 5 seater car. Darpan holding the legs of Suchitra enter the car first followed by veeraj holding the upper body of Suchitra. She is still in agony, her brain is in such state as if somebody is hammering and simultaneously her stomach is in such state as if clothes are being washed in a washing machine.

Darpan’s father sat on the driver’s seat and his mother on the front passenger seat and they drive straight to the hospital.

Suchitra is stuffed out of the car in a reverse manner as she was stuffed into the car, she is immediately taken to the doctor, where the doctor immediately orders to admit her to the hospital.

After few hours doctor came out with expressionless face and ask the family members to meet suchitra for last time.

Suchitra’s heart stops beating and she lay motionless on the bead. Darpan with a pale, perplexed, startle, and expressionless stand alongside Suchitra’s bed. Veeraj crying outside the room, as he does not want to look weak. Darpan’s father holding darpan’s mother as she is crying with all she might. Darpan stood there for long. Yadav house collapse because the binding agent between bricks is no more.

Darpan is devasted after the death of his Bhabhi, the harmony of the family is shattered. Darpan is not able to express his sorrow by crying. The picture and memories of his Bhabhi are flooding his mind.

He is thinking about how his Bhabhi and his cousin use to site and talk all night and then Bhabhi use to make him chai for them. How she knows every single person’s need. She uses to bring tissue before anyone sneeze. Suchitra’s mother, father, and brother had arrived. Suchitra’s mother kept crying the day she arrived. She cries for every single thing she remembers about her.

Suchitra’s father crying too. Men try to hold his tears so as not to look weak, but Suchitra’s father is broken, cannot hold himself veeraj is setting like Stoney expressionless and lifeless, his body is breathing but his soul has left already. Why do good people have fewer years in their life?

Darpan cannot think about his like without his Bhabhi, this void is never going to get filled. But time will heal his wounds but scars will remain for a lifetime.

It is 730 of Sunday morning darpan is off his bed just come out of the bathroom after taking bath, got ready as his friend waiting outside. His father reading the newspaper on the couch. Mother preparing breakfast, veeraj already left for work.

“Mummy I am leaving, my friend is waiting outside,” says darpan galloping out of the house.

“At least eat something,” says mummy, watching darpan galloping out.

“No mummy they are already at the door, sorry,” says darpan from outside.

All friends reached Thadi, take a seat on their usual spot, Thadi is moderately crowded, they dictated their order at the counter.

“One lemon soda” ordered Mukul.

“One lime” ordered Anil.

“One orange Juice” Ordered vikrant.

Everyone kept watching darpan as they know his order.

“One coke” ordered darpan. Lacking that spark in his eyes.

Everyone looked at darpan startled and perplexed.

“Bhai chai chod di!” says darpan.

Some wounds never heal.